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My hair earlier today and now.

I had Special Effect’s Atomic Pink on for over two months, and it truly was as enduring as reviews all over the internet said it is.  It is this wonderful shade of blinding highlighter pink, but I felt like it was time for something different.  So yesterday I rebleached the roots and today I dyed over the pink with Manic Panic’s Vampire Red.

I think it’s the most “natural” unnatural hair colour I’ve ever had so far since I started dying my hair.  Also I have a silly reason for dying it this colour, which is that I have some red lip colours that have been lying around in my makeup box for ages, but I never felt like I could wear them with pink or purple hair because it just clashes, and looks kind of dodgy with the green-toned blue and turquoise hair I had when I started dying it (yes I’m picky about colour coordination…lul..).

so yeah my point is that now I can wear red lipstick because my hair doesn’t clash.

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